Korean air jobs

 Korean Air Expat Pilot – Airbus 380 (Open for Recruiting)

 – Type Rated (TR)

 – A380 Captain 

 Minimum Requirements

  • Valid A380 Type Rating
  • Operated on type as PIC within one year (two if current on any other jet transport current)
  • 1000+ hours on type
  • 2500+ PIC hours Airline Jet Transport
  • 5000+ hours Mutil-Crew Jet
  • 7000+ Total Flight hours
  • Under 60 years of age at the time of joining
  • High School Diploma


  • Increased rates at renewal of contract
  • 11 consecutive days off at home each month (9 days off + 2 annual leave days) + an additional 2~3 travel days
  • Flights on Korean Air’s extensive network for monthly days off and other travel benefits

      Apply via Email

       How to Apply ?

Please email the information below to [email protected]

  1. First & Last Name
  2. Fleet (B737, B747, B777 or A380, A330)
  3. Position (Captain or First Officer)
  4. Resume (CV)

※ Only “commercial Jet hours” will be applicable toward total airline transport hours. (Military experience excluded)