Quality of Life

Korean Air offers unique benefits, such as unequalled commuting for pilots. You select your Home Base from anywhere within Korean Air’s global route network, commuting free of charge in Business Class. You also will take a generous number of days off at home every month, that you picked. No lines, no bid, you simply choose the calendar days you want to be home. Why worry and stress about missing birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and important events? This is why the Quality of Life at Korean Air is envied by contract and expat pilots worldwide. It is the Gold Standard for commuting.

Competitive Pay & Benefits

We offer competitive pay and benefits, contact TAS for details

Days Off

Pilot picks and receives 12 days off per calendar month (9 days off + up to 3 travel days)

Vacation Days

24 Vacation days per year (pilot chooses the dates)

Sick Leave

14 Days sick leave per year (10 for First Officers)

Renewable Contracts

Renewable 5 year contracts with potential extensions to age 65

Per Diem

Pilots receive a monthly per diem

Business Class

Business class commuting to and from duty each month

Luxury Hotels

Luxury Hotel accommodations throughout KAL’s network

Travel Benefits

Industry standard travel benefits for crewmember & family


TAS introduces and offers referrals for Loss of Income and Health/Medical Click Here for Baymac Medical Info  

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